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Priced according to style and size—call for details
Rod Sock

Simple in design, affordable in price, the Clear Creek rod sock helps keep your favorite fly rod or spinning rod from harm.

  • Ultra-soft microfiber suede keeps nicks and scratches at bay
  • Multiple compartments store each rod section individually
  • Flap and tie closure for added protection
  • Can be used on its own or with a rod tube
  • Available in gray with black trim

Wide range of sizes and styles accommodates all lengths and sections of fly, spinning, bamboo or saltwater rods
2-, 3-, 4- and 5-piece fly rods
2- and 3-piece spinning rods
2- and 3-piece bamboo rods with extra tip pocket
2-, 3-, 4- and 5-piece saltwater fly rods with larger pockets


Retail Price: $12.00

Neoprene Reel Case

Whether you’re ready to fly or storing gear for the season, protect your reels with quality neoprene cases from Clear Creek.

  • Form-fitting neoprene construction keeps reels secure
  • Soft, non-scratch interior lining
  • Hook-and-loop closure and simple flap design offer easy access
  • Four sizes fit reels up to 5.5" diameter
  • Available in black

Item # 00800 Small
(Fits reels up to 3.25" diameter)

Item # 00803 Medium
(Fits reels up to 4.25" diameter)

Item # 00801 Large
(Fits reels up to 5.0" diameter)

Item # 00802 X-Large
(Fits reels up to 5.5" diameter)

Ready to Fly